Cough Plex


Traditionally used to relieve symptoms of common colds and flu



  • Combines licorice root, white horehound, elderflower and thyme herbal extracts
  • Traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to:Relieve mild bronchial cough, Clear respiratory tract mucous, Relieve cough in children over 2 years of ageedicine to:


  • Adults: 5 mL 3 times daily
  • Children 3 - 12 years: 1 - 2.5 mL 3 times daily
  • Can be diluted with water, fruit juice or other fluids if necessary


  • Contains ethanol
  • Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding
  • A maximum of 3 weeks continuous treatment only
  • Not to be used in children under 2 years without medical advice
  • Always read the label
  • If symptoms persist, worsen or change unexpectedly, consult your healthcare professional
Per ServePer 100g
Marrubium vulgare (White horehound) ext. ext. equiv. dry (leaf)1.5 mL 1.5 g
Sambucus nigra (Elderflower) ext. ext. equiv. dry (flower) 500 µL 500 mg
Glycyrrhiza glabra (Gan Cao) ext. ext. equiv. dry (root)500 µL 500 mg
Thymus vulgaris (Thyme) ext. ext. equiv. dry (herb)400 µL 400 mg
Pimpinella anisum (Aniseed) essential oil
Citrus limon essential oil (Lemon)


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