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All services are offered online because I know when you’re feeling exhausted, drained and debilitated that the last
 thing you want to do is travel the other side of town to sit in a sterile waiting room and have a serious conversation under fluorescent lighting. Feel free to stay on the couch in your pyjamas- no judgement.

Are you ready to regain your health, joy, and confidence? Let’s get to work.

Consultation Services


Naturopathy Initial Package


  • A 60 minute initial consultation
  • An initial herbal medicine or nutraceutical prescription to manage current symptoms where required 
  • Extensive research and analysis of your health picture, diet and lifestyle
  • Homework and pathology requests where required
  • A 30 minute report of findings and delivery of treatment plan
  • highly personalised evidence- focused prescription which may comprise herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, as well as diet and lifestyle changes.
A 60 minute initial consultation which includes extensive exploration of your health condition

overall health picture, diet and lifestyle, personal and family medical history, pathology results, and medications. Depending on your particular case, you may receive an initial prescription to address any symptoms that require immediate attention.

Following thorough research and analysis, you will receive a follow up consultation appointment

A thorough analysis of your diet and lifestyle,

resulting in a treatment report highlighting any areas of
nutritional deficiency, nutritional excess or lifestyle factors
that may be exacerbating your health condition. resulting in a treatment report highlighting any areas of nutritional deficiency, nutritional excess or lifestyle factors that may be exacerbating your health condition.

A treatment plan

comprising a holistic overview of your health condition,
treatment trajectory including long term and short term goals .

A highly personalised prescription

where appropriate, which may include nutrient
supplementation, herbal medicine, flower essences and
tissue salts. These can be delivered directly to your home,
saving you from running around looking for them.
You will also be presented with any doctor’s referral letters
for blood tests that may be required or independent
testing kits.

I am extremely happy to work in collaboration with your
primary health care provider, and work around any
medications you may be taking.

Diet and lifestyle recommendations.

This is your real homework, where you make habit
changes that will positively impact your vitality and your
body's ability to heal. Dietary changes might including
using specific foods as medicine, or even a detox

Please note, for Bondi appointments and appointments outside scheduled hours, please email
Prices are quoted in Australian Dollars and Follow-Up Consultations are charged at $50 for 15 minutes, $80 for 30 minutes and $120 for one hour


Plant-Based Health MOT

Are you a vegetarian or vegan who’s not sure they’re getting it right?
Are you feeling a bit tired or out of sorts and unsure you’re meeting your body is getting what it needs?

I’ve been there, and it can be disorientating when you have friends or family members questioning your dietary
choices, and you’re not totally sure yourself.

A plant-based diet is perfectly safe and seriously health-promoting when done “right”. Take the guesswork out of your
health and book in for a Health MOT.

The Plant-Based Health MOT package includes:

  • An initial medical survey to screen any underlying health conditions so that Camilla can ascertain the most appropriate testing for you
  • Referral for doctor’s and private pathology testing to identify underlying conditions
  • A dietary review to see whether you’re meeting your needs for protein, zinc, iron, selenium, iodine, essential fatty acids etc. etc.
  • A review of this in an appointment with me and a relevant prescription
  • An Ebook with delicious, healthy recipes, a meal plan, and information to help you be a super healthy and informed plant-eater.
  • Recommendation for supplements depending on your results
A 40 minute consultation

where I determine your health goals and extensively
examine your current state of health (Get ready for lots of

A thorough examination of your current diet

and provision of homework which will inform your
treatment plan.

A 20 minute appointment

where I deliver a personalised meal plan and
individualised nutrient prescriptions where needed. This is suitable for those not suffering from any serious
health condition, but merely looking to move to a plant
based diet, or optimise the one they’re currently following.

A doctor's referral

for any relevant blood work required, or independent
testing kits.

Please note that further consults may be strongly recommended if health conditions come to light.


The Plant-Based Weight Loss Package

Are you following a plant-based (vegetarian or vegan) diet and struggling with weight?

Are you a meat eater but you’ve heard how great a vegan diet can be for weight loss?

Do you want to lose weight in a safe, sustainable way that likely comes with added benefits to your cholesterol, blood sugar, energy and mood?

Do you want to combine the best of nutritional science with natural medicines to supercharge your weight loss?

Do you believe there may be a medical condition hindering you from attaining the body shape you desire?

The Plant-Based Weight Loss Package is for you.


It includes:

  • An initial medical survey to screen any underlying health conditions so that Camilla can ascertain the most appropriate testing for you
  • A referral for doctor’s and private pathology testing to identify underling conditions (if required)
  • Assessment of your current diet and lifestyle
  • A one month supply of weight loss tea to support your liver, blood sugar levels, support detoxification and decrease cravings
  • An appointment to go through your personalised treatment plan and answer any questions you have
  • A sustainable 2 phase diet plan for fast-charged but sustainable results
  • A one month weight loss formula compounded specifically for you based on your needs and health picture
These are short 15 minute consults available online only

which are only designed to address immediate concerns in an otherwise healthy individually. An example of where this consultation would be appropriate would be during a cold or flu; an example of where this consultation would be inappropriate would be in an individual experiencing frequent colds and flus.

A personalised prescription

typically including herbal medicine and nutrient supplementation will be sent to you after the consult and available for home delivery within Australia.

“Food as medicine” protocols

will also be sent you to following the consult. Please be aware that consultation costs do not include the cost of natural medicines. It is possible that often great results can be achieved through diet and lifestyle practices alone, however natural medicines can massively expedite results.

Please note, for appointments outside scheduled hours, please email


  The Plant-Based Weight Loss Package ($499) Plant-Based Health MOT ($249) Naturopathy Initial Package ($299)
For those with long-standing health issues
For those on any diet who are happy to receive plant-based prescriptions and dietary recommendations
For those looking to transition to a plant-based diet
For those currently on a plant-based diet
For otherwise healthy people seeking help with an acute infection
For those who experience recurrent infections
For those just looking to maximise their wellness
May include tailor made herbal medicine prescription
May include nutrient supplementation prescription
May include individualised dietary and lifestyle modifications
May include referral for further testing
Includes extensive exploration and review of your health condition
Includes extensive exploration and review of your diet
Includes a holstic treatment plan geared towards addressing your top health priorities

These services aren’t suitable for anyone who

  • isn’t open-minded to complementary medicine,
  • isn’t happy to receive animal-free advice,
  • isn’t willing to accept a collaborative role in their health transformation.

For further information on what is covered in a consultation and who it might be suitable for please see FAQ.

For a happier, healthier you, and a happier, healthier planet.
Samala Austin
Samala Austin
14:00 29 Nov 22
Camilla has been helping me with my health. She is thorough, and has a broad understanding of what the body needs and... issues we may have and not know about.She’s been super helpful in suggesting supplements for me to take, which has been great, as it can be so confusing in knowing what to buy and what I actually need. She helped get a proper blood test and was able to give me a thorough reading of it.She’s very caring and Thoughtful.She goes above and beyond. I highly recommend working with Camilla. ❤️💫read more
Chantelle Johnson
Chantelle Johnson
03:31 25 May 22
Amazing. I've worked with a few naturopaths and I've found naturopathy so very helpful on my health journey but Camilla... is next level! Such a supportive, kind and knowledgeable more
L Bratty
L Bratty
09:14 30 Nov 21
I cannot thank Camilla enough for her support and guidance helping me discover my health issues and setting me on the... path to getting my health back on track. I am so thankful I sought her advice, as I have seen drastic changes within a fortnight. I am looking forward to continuing my health journey with Camilla and would highly recommend for those seeking to improve their health in a natural more
Emma Fabricius
Emma Fabricius
22:56 11 Sep 21
I cant ´t describe how grateful I am to have got in contact with Camilla! She really has an amazing knowledge about the... body and how it all works together on a different level than anyone I´ve ever worked with. I came to her to get help with my headaches, migraines and fatigue after years and multiple visits/treatments with different doctors, experts etc. without any luck. Instead of just recommending me a "quick-fix", she worked with me to find the underlying issues.I've been working with her for a couple of months now and she never fails to give me the highest quality treatment in all aspects. She is also super quick to respond to any question or concern I might have, which I really appreciate.She is also one of the kindest, sweetest and most understandable people you will ever meet. It is so comforting and calming to finally have found a person who truly cares about your health as she does (AND is vegan!!). I can´t recommend her enough!! Thank you Camilla :)read more
Punam Mann
Punam Mann
02:02 06 Sep 21
Camilla has been absolutely amazing and I highly recommend her. She understands and respects my vegan dietary choices... which I have struggled with other doctors and naturopaths. She patiently listens and created a thorough treatment plan for me. I have been on the treatment plan for a few weeks now and my symptoms have greatly reduced and I’m already feeling much better. I’m highly impressed by her prompt response to my emails. She is very knowledgeable and helpful and has made my healing journey extremely comfortable.Thank you Camillaread more
Fabiana Loddo
Fabiana Loddo
23:10 20 Jul 21
In the past, what I found difficult with doctors was the fact that they did not listen to me; they literally finished... the sentences on my behalf all the time, rushing a diagnosis!Camilla is such a great listener, she really took all the possible information from me, she studied my case meticolously and came up with a cure which makes a lot of sense...and she explained it to me! Some other practitioners just prescribe lots of things and do not even explain what is cointained in those supplements/herbs and what they are specifically for.I highly recommend Camilla to all the ones who want a "same-level" relationship which their practitioner and not a "yes, I trust you, you are the expert" kind of relationship.Thank you Camilla!read more
Julien Fouquet
Julien Fouquet
11:31 19 Jul 21
I'm so glad I went to see Camilla, being vegan it's nice to find a naturopath who shares the same values.She asked me... a lot of questions during the initial consult, I felt that she was genuinely trying to help. After a few weeks and some tests done, she made a very detailed treatment plan which was very thorough and well explained.After only a few weeks following the treatment plan, the symptoms greatly improved as my gut health got better.I'd highly recommend Camilla as she has great knowledge combined with a caring and effective holistic more
Charlene G
Charlene G
02:35 18 Jul 21
I truly wish I found Camilla earlier and I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking for a naturopath! I've been seeing... her for a few months now and I'm constantly impressed at how thorough, knowledgeable and passionate she is. I've had gut and hormonal issues for as long as I can remember, and from the get-go, I felt Camilla was truly invested in finding the underlying causes and helping me resolve them. She is also the warmest, kindest person - an absolute joy to work with.I've already seen such vast improvements in my health, and for the first time in my life, I'm confident that my issues can well and truly be resolved. I also really appreciate working with a fellow vegan who not only understands my values, but is equally passionate about them too.Thank you so much, Camilla! I cannot recommend her enough!read more
Libby Penney
Libby Penney
07:09 05 Jul 21
I am so grateful I have found Camilla. We hit it off straight away and she understands me. Her knowledge is second to... none. She goes above and beyond and has helped me so much, so quickly. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without her. Thank you more
Matt Gussin
Matt Gussin
16:41 22 May 21
I've had a pretty horrid time with gut and fatigue problems for over two years and in this time, I have seen countless... doctors, naturopaths, gastroenterologists, Chinese medicine practitioners and so on...Some of which told me to stop my vegan diet, so this was when I searched for a vegan Naturopath and found Camilla.Camilla has been nothing but outstanding since our first contact. She is the first person in my health journey who I feel is genuinely invested in my health and has worked tirelessly to help and provide answers. She is always quick to reply to my lengthy emails and although currently at the early stages of my treatment, every piece of advice and treatment given has been based off facts and logical reasoning.I really recommend Camilla. I have felt very comfortable with her from day one and you will get someone who is knowledgeable, passionate but most importantly, will do her utmost to help you through any more
Sophie Smith
Sophie Smith
02:36 22 May 21
I would without a doubt recommend Camilla to anyone looking for a naturopath. She is so warm, caring, knowledgable and... helpful. I sought Camilla’s help to work on my severe PMS, heavy and painful periods and PTSD and mental health. From the moment I saw her she went above and beyond and is always there to help whenever I have any questions or concerns. I have just started my treatment plan and feel confident that I will see an improvement with my concerns.Thank you so much Camila xread more
Laura Harper
Laura Harper
02:59 07 Apr 21
I have been working with Camilla for a couple of months now with the aim of treating and managing hair loss, stress,... and anxiety. Camilla's process is incredibly thorough and informative and it has been amazing to not only feel better, but learn SO much in the process. My treatment plan has been very manageable, and Camilla has always made sure I understand why we are doing things rather than just telling me. This ​has really helped me to feel more in control and kept me committed to the lifestyle changes. Prior to working with Camilla, I felt a pretty overwhelmed with information, none of which I could be certain was true or even relevant to my symptoms whereas Camilla's process is so personal, and completely tailored to the individual.Camilla has been so kind, and understanding and has made the whole experience as comfortable and easy as possible. I have been shocked by how quickly I began to feel positive changes, and cant wait to see them continue!read more
Millie Guest
Millie Guest
02:45 04 Mar 21
Camilla is an incredible naturopath. I was recommended by a friend. I was struggling with my energy levels and needed... help to figure out why. The consults were thorough and in-depth and camilla made me feel super comfortable the whole way through.I had bloods done which confirmed i was low on iron as she had predicted. She wrote me an amazing in depth treatment plan, which included when and how to take my supplements with loads of tips & tricks on how to get the most out of them and include more into my diet. She also gave me loads of great recipes to cook to help with my iron intake.It has been over a month into treatment and i feel super energetic and full of life again. It was exactly what i needed to help get back to myself.I couldn’t recommend her enough. If you’re struggling with anything her in-depth knowledge in her field will help you.Thankyou more
Sophie Farrelly
Sophie Farrelly
03:42 29 Dec 20
Camilla is very knowledgeable, helpful and has a wonderful nature. She’s caring and goes above and beyond to help. I... can’t recommend her enough. Thank you!read more
02:07 06 Nov 20
Highly recommend. Camilla is a delight, very passionate and committed to getting clients back to their best!
Vivian Ruth
Vivian Ruth
09:03 28 Oct 20
I’m so grateful for the treatment that I received from Camilla. My results improved within a month!! She is very... attentive, knowledgeable and caring. I highly recommend her for everyone!!read more
Chloe Compton
Chloe Compton
10:20 24 Sep 20
I had several online consultations with Camilla. She was a pleasure to work with and very knowledgeable. Her treatment... plan has really helped me and improved my skin condition. Highly more
Lilla Magyari
Lilla Magyari
11:16 01 Sep 20
Camilla is an amazing Naturopath! Her knowledge and enthusiasm is absolutely fantastic! She helped me a lot in the past... and still does whenever I need. You can count on her 100%. I only can recommend her!!! 💚 🌱 💚🌱💚🌱💚🌱💚read more
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