About Me

About Me

I am a woman on a mission: to bring the power of optimised plant-based diets to the masses.

I’m convinced naturopathy was always in my destiny. I vividly remember as a child picking all manner of plants in my back garden in Cambridge and mashing them up into something to give to my little sister. For whatever reason, I believed if she took this concoction she’d be able to see unicorns. Luckily, my mother intervened in time before I unwittingly poisoned my little sister, and my herbal dispensing has progressed substantially since those days. Fundamentally though, I still believe that by consuming plants (both on our plates, and in herbal extracts), magic can happen.

Despite this early dabbling in herbal medicine

it wasn’t until I experienced my own health challenges and found my own answers through natural medicines and dietary change, that my immense respect for the power of plants developed. With a strong family history of mental health disorders, I battled with bouts of fairly severe anxiety and depression throughout my childhood, teenage and early-adult years. I also experienced acne that left my confidence in shreds, which I was unaware could have been improved with dietary change or herbal medicines.

Having experienced significant pain since the age of 19, I was diagnosed at 22 years old with arthritis which also turned out to be hereditary. I recall times as a 24 year old where the pain was so bad, I was unable to hold a pen or (more importantly) a mascara brush. Whilst the GP offered me medication, it had side effects I didn’t want, and the antidepressants I tried left me so drowsy I would fall asleep nearly any time I sat down. The antidepressants led to significant weight gain, which left me feeling very low in myself. My immune system was also very sad; for years I would get sick and bedbound for around a month every Winter.

Fast-forward through a transition to an entirely plant-based diet and a four-year health science degree in Naturopathy, at 32 years old my health is the best it’s ever been.

Optimising my diet and using natural medicines I enjoy happiness and energy I never experienced before, and my body is predominantly pain-free. My familial predispositions have so-far been overcome, and I am full of gratitude for the quality of life I now enjoy. Thanks to my plant-based diet and healthy lifestyle, I also enjoy far lower risk of heart disease or cancer (other chronic health conditions which run rampant in my family).

Helping others reach their highest quality of life through natural medicine is truly my life’s calling.

As a vegan who’s studied in depth for years the science of thriving on an optimum plant-based diet, so different from the microwave chips, singular boiled vegetable and battered chicken I was raised on, I LOVE to help others make this transition - I know how amazing they can feel living this way. It took me a while to get this way of eating right, and for many years I definitely wasn’t getting the nutrients I needed.

I am also extremely passionate about helping people with mental health disorders, hormonal issues, digestive concerns, autoimmune conditions and cardiometabolic disorders. Even if there’s nothing “diagnosably wrong” and it’s just a matter of improving energy, mental acuity or mood, or losing weight, using plants as medicine has so much to offer, and the benefits rarely end at improving the main problem. I’ve helped patients with conditions ranging from OCD, to missing periods, to SIBO and seen some truly amazing results. I would love to help you.

Connection through virtual naturopath consultation

I like to keep my treatments evidence-informed and provide a safe, compassionate and non-judgmental space to support people.

Please see testimonials to see some of the results people have had working with me.

Whilst I’m thrilled to help you feel great irrespective of your dietary denomination, all prescriptions will be plant based and vegan friendly; not only because I believe it’s best for you, but also best for the planet. 15% of profits will be donated equally between PCRM, Edgar’s Mission and Friends With Dignity; all causes close to my heart. For more information please see the page on “Purpose”.

I see patients from a clinic location in Bondi Junction to serve the Sydney community, and from my own clinic space in Mullumbimby for the Northern NSW and Queensland tribe. All services are offered online so that I can reach people from all around the world; I see clients from areas as diverse as Berlin, London, Brighton, Bristol, Tel Aviv, Adelaide, Melbourne and the Gold Coast.

If my services speak to you, then I’d love to start working with you. If you’ve got any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in contact using the details at the bottom of the page. I look forward to hearing from you.


For a happier, healthier you, and a happier, healthier planet.