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5 easy tips to radically improve your gut health

Vegan gut health

Unlike supplements, none of which are universally suitable for everyone, here are some easy practices that are beneficial for anyone when it comes to digestion.

  1. Breathe

I couldn’t write this without Blu Cantrell’s song starting to play in my head (which shows my age).  But there is such a strong link between the gut and the mind that it can’t be ignored.  In another blog I explore the importance of a happy gut for mental health, but the relationship also goes in the opposite direction.  Has anybody noticed what happens to your digestion when you eat when you’re stressed or upset?  Bloating? Pain? Diarrhea? 

There will inevitably be times in our lives where we are truly distressed and we still find ourselves needing to eat; that’s just being human.  But even running around frantically from one work task to another and quickly stuffing food in our mouths can be a recipe for digestion disaster.  One really simple way to make sure you’re in a good space to digest your food is to stop whatever you’re doing prior to eating and do a few rounds of box breathing, focus on inhaling for 5 seconds, holding the breath for 5 seconds, exhaling for 5 seconds, and holding the breath out for 5 seconds.  Ideally you’d do this for a few minutes with your eyes closed. 

Check in with yourself to make sure you’re now calm and fully present to enjoy your meal.  Your digestion will absolutely thank you for it

2) Aim for diversity

I’ve mentioned this many times before, because it’s a pretty big deal.  However, in case you haven’t heard, scientists from the HUGE American Gut Project determined that the most important determinant of a diverse microbiome (one which is associated with really positive health outcomes) is the amount of different plant foods you consume.  Note: We’re talking different types of fruits as opposed to different types of potato chips, just to clarify. 

Now if you’re reacting poorly to plant foods that you’re eating please check out my blog which goes into why this may be happening to you.  For the rest of you whose guts are happy with your plant food consumption, aim to get as many different plants throughout your plate as possible; aside from aiming for a variety of vegetables, and different kind of beans and whole grains with your meals, using a variety of herbs and spices is a really inexpensive way to increase your exposure, whilst giving your meals tons of flavour.

3) Try apple cider vinegar before meals

Apple cider vinegar has many purported benefits.   One way to use it when it comes to digestion is to consume half a teaspoon, half an hour before meals in some water.  I’d strongly recommend drinking through a (stainless steel) straw, since being an acid, it can damage the enamel on teeth.

This can be a great habit to get into to increase the uptake of minerals from your food.  It also has the benefits of being useful for people with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), improving regularity of periods and hormone levels.  For those with or without PCOS, it can also help improve insulin sensitivity and lead to weight loss.   Win-win-win!

4) Add in some bitter greens

Bitter greens may not be everyone’s cup of tea initially, but with time you tend to acclimatise to the bitter taste and start enjoying it.  Including a handful of a bitter green leafy vegetable, such as arugula, collard greens, radicchio dandelion, mustard, endive, or kale, supports your digestive juices, and particularly helps with the metabolism of fat.  They’re also incredibly nutrient dense compared to the low number of calories contained in these foods, and a great source of both chlorophyll and carotenoids

5) Avoid antibiotics unless absolutely needed.

Whilst awareness is growing, there remains a huge overuse of antibiotics these days.  They are frequently being taken where they have no place (in viral infections such as a cold or a flu, rather than as potentially lifesaving treatment for bacterial infections).  Not only does their overuse wreak havoc with the gut, which can often take years to recover, but it also leads to antibiotic resistance which would be a terrifying situation to arrive at.  Mindblowingly, 80% of antibiotics are actually fed to livestock, because of the disgusting conditions they’re kept in.  Yet another good reason to follow a plant based diet.

When it comes to gut health, it’s not just pharmaceutical antibiotics which cause issues.  Many people are going to health food shops and purchasing strong herbal antimicrobials due to advice given by unqualified bloggers/vloggers online.  These influencers may even have led them to self-diagnosis with the latest buzz-condition such as Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), which may not be the problem at all.  Self-diagnosis and self-prescription can be hugely deleterious to gut health; leading you to deplete your health gut bacteria and set up a platform for a more serious health problem to occur.

I hope you found these tips useful to you!  For greater support, check out the services I offer <3 Peace and plants

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Laura Harper
Laura Harper
02:59 07 Apr 21
I have been working with Camilla for a couple of months now with the aim of treating and managing hair loss, stress,... and anxiety. Camilla's process is incredibly thorough and informative and it has been amazing to not only feel better, but learn SO much in the process. My treatment plan has been very manageable, and Camilla has always made sure I understand why we are doing things rather than just telling me. This ​has really helped me to feel more in control and kept me committed to the lifestyle changes. Prior to working with Camilla, I felt a pretty overwhelmed with information, none of which I could be certain was true or even relevant to my symptoms whereas Camilla's process is so personal, and completely tailored to the individual.Camilla has been so kind, and understanding and has made the whole experience as comfortable and easy as possible. I have been shocked by how quickly I began to feel positive changes, and cant wait to see them continue!read more
Millie Guest
Millie Guest
02:45 04 Mar 21
Camilla is an incredible naturopath. I was recommended by a friend. I was struggling with my energy levels and needed... help to figure out why. The consults were thorough and in-depth and camilla made me feel super comfortable the whole way through.I had bloods done which confirmed i was low on iron as she had predicted. She wrote me an amazing in depth treatment plan, which included when and how to take my supplements with loads of tips & tricks on how to get the most out of them and include more into my diet. She also gave me loads of great recipes to cook to help with my iron intake.It has been over a month into treatment and i feel super energetic and full of life again. It was exactly what i needed to help get back to myself.I couldn’t recommend her enough. If you’re struggling with anything her in-depth knowledge in her field will help you.Thankyou more
Sophie Farrelly
Sophie Farrelly
03:42 29 Dec 20
Camilla is very knowledgeable, helpful and has a wonderful nature. She’s caring and goes above and beyond to help. I... can’t recommend her enough. Thank you!read more
02:07 06 Nov 20
Highly recommend. Camilla is a delight, very passionate and committed to getting clients back to their best!
Vivian Ruth
Vivian Ruth
09:03 28 Oct 20
I’m so grateful for the treatment that I received from Camilla. My results improved within a month!! She is very... attentive, knowledgeable and caring. I highly recommend her for everyone!!read more
Chloe Compton
Chloe Compton
10:20 24 Sep 20
I had several online consultations with Camilla. She was a pleasure to work with and very knowledgeable. Her treatment... plan has really helped me and improved my skin condition. Highly more
Lilla Magyari
Lilla Magyari
11:16 01 Sep 20
Camilla is an amazing Naturopath! Her knowledge and enthusiasm is absolutely fantastic! She helped me a lot in the past... and still does whenever I need. You can count on her 100%. I only can recommend her!!! 💚 🌱 💚🌱💚🌱💚🌱💚read more
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