Plant-Based Health MOT


Are you a vegetarian or vegan who’s not sure they’re getting it right? Are you feeling a bit tired or out of sorts and unsure you’re meeting your body is getting what it needs?

I’ve been there, and it can be disorientating when you have friends or family members questioning your dietary choices, and you’re not totally sure yourself.

A plant-based diet is perfectly safe and seriously health-promoting when done “right”. Take the guesswork out of your health and book in for a Health MOT.

The Plant-Based Health MOT package includes-
An initial medical survey to screen any underlying health conditions so that Camilla can ascertain the most appropriate testing for you

Referral for doctor’s and private pathology testing to identify underlying conditions

A dietary review to see whether you’re meeting your needs for protein, zinc, iron, selenium, iodine, essential fatty acids etc. etc.

A review of this in an appointment with me and a relevant prescription

An Ebook with delicious, healthy recipes, a meal plan, and information to help you be a super healthy and informed plant-eater.

Recommendation for supplements depending on your results

*Please note that further consults may be strongly recommended if health conditions come to light.

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