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New Vegan Naturopathy Clinic in Mullumbimby (Byron Bay shire)

Camilla Clare Naturopathy

I am really excited to share my new completely plant-based clinic in Mullumbimby, NSW with you.

Situated in the Byron Bay shire, we are based in the healing Mecca of Australia.

The clinic was set up with a special interest in plant-based nutrition, to serve vegans, vegetarians, and those interested in transitioning to a plant-based diet.

As a long term vegan myself, I was fed up of hearing about vegans and vegetarians seeing naturopaths and nutritionists and being sold products and advice that don’t respect the ethical choices they make. As such, all herbal medicine and products sold at the clinic are vegan friendly. Additionally, unlike at Camilla Clare Naturopathy, many practitioners do not have the required knowledge to help plant-based eaters who come into their office.

Aside from in-person consultations, online consults are also offered. This is so that vegans, vegetarians and the plant-curious from all around the world can access my services. I see clients from areas within Australia including Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sydney, as well as worldwide, with many vegan clients found in London, Bristol, Brighton, Tel Aviv, Berlin and Switzerland.

Some of the health conditions I work with include mental health disorders, digestive problems, period problems, autoimmune conditions and weight loss; I also work with clients who are just looking to increase their energy, improve their bloodwork readings, or improve their resilience to stress.

A very small selection of the many herbs and supplements found at the clinic.

The clinic stocks a wide range of nutrient supplements, herbs and other natural medicines from the highest quality manufacturers. Practitioner-only brands stocked include Biomedica, Mediherb, Metagenics and Bioceuticals Clinical range. An extensive range of testing is also available through us including DUTCH testing, OAT, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, SIBO, MTHFR and other genetic testing.

If you have any questions about the clinic or whether my services may be suitable for you, please contact

I look forward to meeting you in person or virtually soon! 💕

Camilla Clare Naturopathy is located in the heart of Mullumbimby- part of the Byron Bay shire.

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