The Health Benefits of Hemp Seeds

The nutritional profile of hemp seeds Amino acids:  Like all plant-foods, hemp seed contains all essential amino acids, but unlike some other plant foods, it contains fairly reasonable levels of both methionine (found more concentrated in grain foods) and lysine...Read More

How Much Protein Do We Really...

A blog written for Flave 💕 One of the most common reasons for people thinking they need to consume animal products is that they exercise a lot and believe they need high amounts of protein, or simply that plant foods...Read More

Vegan gut health

5 easy tips to radically improve...

Unlike supplements, none of which are universally suitable for everyone, here are some easy practices that are beneficial for anyone when it comes to digestion. Breathe I couldn’t write this without Blu Cantrell’s song starting to play in my head...Read More

delicious plant-based foods

The Health Benefits of a Plant-Based...

A blog I wrote for FLAVE. 💕 Honestly, I could harp on all day about the benefits of a plant-based diet. Truly, I could, because there are SO many. Since going vegan, I’ve noticed effortless maintenance of a healthy weight,...Read More

Vegan gut health

4 Truths and Commonly Held Misunderstandings...

Gut health is such a hot topic; for anyone who’s struggled with gut issues you’ll appreciate just how much gut health can have huge implications for our mental health, cognitive health, immunity and autoimmunity, weight, and all round quality of...Read More

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The power of the gut

Everybody’s talking about “healing the gut”, “gut health” or even “leaky gut”. Why so much talk about the gut? The importance of the gut goes far beyond the process of food going in and out. Here are a few areas...Read More