Medical cannabis

What’s all the hype with medical...

A once vilified plant seems to be all the rage in the healing world right now, particularly in the area of Mullumbimby (part of the Byron Bay shire) where my naturopathy clinic is located. Many people seem to be turning...Read More

vegan food

Can a Vegan Diet Lead to...

Struggling with excess weight can be incredibly emotionally and physically taxing; leading to loss of confidence and increasing risk of a wide range of undesirable health outcomes.  Fortunately, there’s a lot we can do about it with diet. One of...Read More

Vegan collagen

Collagen Boosting on a Vegan Diet

One of the reasons I first became interested in a plant-based diet (long before I found out about the animals, the environment, and the health benefits) was stumbling across gorgeous women in their seventies who frankly looked like they were...Read More

Shift Eatery Surry Hills

My Fave Vegan Restaurants in Sydney

I am undoubtedly a massive foodie- below are some of what I consider to be the best vegan restaurants in Sydney. Shift Eatery- Surry Hills Shift Eatery- Surry Hills: home of delicious vegan toasties and healthy bowls Shift Eatery is...Read More

Online Naturopath Nutrition consults

Why Online Naturopath and Nutrition consults?

Online or virtual services are becoming increasingly the norm, especially through the current global state of affairs.  Whilst I LOVE in-person human connection, and fully appreciate that talking face-to-face is something we need more of in this world, we can...Read More

Vegan Breakfast

Vegan Omega-Laden Chocolate Superfood Breakfast Oats

This is hands down my favourite breakfast- I make slight variations of it seasonly, but the building blocks remain the same. And I LOVE it. Not only is this breakfast ridiculously nutritious, but it's also totally delicious, and super easy...Read More